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Top Notch Tax Service

    Top Notch Taxes is one of the upcoming tax offices in the Mid-South we are determined to satisfy our clients with Top Notch Service. Collectively our tax professionals have over ten years of tax experience and we also guarantee that our clients will have the ultimate tax experience in each of our offices. Our foundation is built upon the expertise of our Tax Professionals, we provide honest opinions to our clients pertaining to their tax needs, and we enable our clients to make justified tax decisions pertaining to their tax returns.

    As we service our clients individually, we expect each client to comply with his or her due diligence in providing honest and true documentation to assist us in giving them the best tax experience possible and provide them with the Ultimate Tax Refund.

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Do you have your business in order?

Tax Season is almost here, do you have your business in order?

Photo TNID or TNDL expired? Make sure you get that up to date before you see your Tax Professional.....

Do you have your SS card's, if not please visit the Social Security Administration office to obtain a copy of you or your dependents SS card.....

Self-employed - make sure you have your proper document's to help assist your tax professional in completing a proper return and getting you back the maximum refund possible.....

Make sure you have all documents in order, if you are unsure of the documentation needed, contact your Tax Professional.

Pre Filing

Top Notch Taxes will begin pre-filing on December 8th


Preparer tax identification number (PTIN) applications and renewals for 2016 are now being processed. Anyone who prepares or assists in preparing federal tax returns for compensation must have a valid 2016 PTIN before preparing returns. All enrolled agents must also have a PTIN.

Compliance Recognition

Top Notch Taxes obtained compliance recognition from Santa Barbara Bank

Quality Service

Top Notch Taxes provides Quality Service to all their clients and is here to help assist the clients in resolving any issues that they may have with the IRS.


Top Notch Taxes has qualified, knowledgable and honest Tax Professionals that will greet every client with a smile and help the customer's to obtain the Maximum Refund possible.


The client can trust and assure that their personal information will not be misused or sold to a third-party vendor

Top Notch Tax Service
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